Heal your disordered eating with expert support

Work with disordered eating expert Nutrition CounsellorsShannon Western and her team can support you to live a life free from your disordered eating.

You know you're not where you need to be right now. You have probably felt this way for so long and you have no idea how to feel better. 


You want to be better immediately, but you're also worried what will happen if you do heal your relationship to food. What will you have to cope, will your body change, will trying to change even work?

You want to not feel consumed with food anymore.

But you've tried things on your own, and they never stick. You feel like you just have no willpower, no tenacity. Here's the secret: You do have the ability to heal your relationship to food.

I know this because everything you believe now about food and your body, everything you do to control food and your body; these were all learned.

So you can unlearn them.

I want that for you. I want you to be like the many people I've helped over the years. 

Sound like something you need? Keep reading about the support I can offer.

eating disorder online support

Hi there! I'm Shannon.

I help people who want to feel better with food. I offer a Non-Diet approach to recovery that helps you live a full life.

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nutritionist for binge eating

eating disorder support

Let's heal your relationship to food with our expert disordered eating support:

How to work with me

1:1 Nutrition Counselling for disordered eating

My most popular option that gives you personalised support for as long as you need


This is for people who:

  • Who done all they can to feel better with food on their own, now they need 1-1 help

  • Just don't know how to fully help themselves

  • Want personalised, person-centred appointments 

  • Would like weekly, bimonthly, or monthly appointments with me

  • Want changes to be long-term & sustainable, that last a lifetime​

After working with me you will:

  • Be in a more intuitive, happy place with food and your body

  • Feel more peaceful around food

  • Have coping tools when you have the urge to binge, purge, restrict, or emotionally eat

  • Be able to nourish your body with balanced, tasty food (with no guilt, woo!)

  • Ultimately feel more hope and happiness in your relationship to food, and your life too

1-1 pricing

Weekly support: 4 sessions/month for 3 months

= £340/month for 12 sessions total.

Bimonthly support: 2 sessions/month for 3 months

= £170/month for 6 sessions total.

After 3 months, we will review support going forward. This might mean we agree to meet for another 1-3 months and review again. We might reduce support or take a break.

My priority is making sure you get the support you need. Let's chat about what support feels right to you.

My rate is £85 per appointment, which includes any support you need between appointments, any resources, and other needs.


Reduced rate appointments are available - right now there are no reduced slots. Please enquire about how to work with me on a reduced rate in the future.


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Community clinic

Inclusivity is very important to me

Which is why I offer a once-per-month lower cost appointments

These appointments are reserved for people who couldn't afford support otherwise

For £50, I can help you with:

  • Managing a health condition, without dieting or restriction

  • Moving through disordered eating recovery. Please note that it's not appropriate for me to help you with your eating disorder in this appointment. ED recovery needs long-term support with a team

  • Support for nutrition, lifestyle, or any health needs you have


Please note, these slots are only for one-off support. Each person is usually only able to access these appointments once.

Get in touch to chat about my community clinic

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Expertise / areas of focus

Ease Nutrition Therapy is a specialist disordered eating clinic. Most of the clients I see are looking for support with their relationship to food.
I help you take the steps to move towards recovery. I will work to understand your needs and help you on your journey. This includes learning your individual story to understand and support you whether that is an individual cooking session, meal planning, talking about the roots of your disordered eating, processing, or helping you navigate through daily life while nourishing yourself. Recovery is possible and you deserve it. 

Most of my clients have additional needs. While I am a disordered eating specialist, I support my clients in many other areas. Although these are not my ''super specialist'' areas, I have completed lots of training and development in other expert areas including:

  • Gut health, such as IBS. This comes up a lot in those disordered eating. Did you know up to 99% of people with eating disorders and disordered eating have gut health problems!?

  • PCOS. Before working exlusively in disordered eating, I was also a PCOS expert. I am very interested in supporting folks with disordered eating who also have PCOS. In fact, around 80% of people with PCOS have disordered eating. I have a blog all about PCOS and binge eating here.

  • Fertility and pregnancy. Many of my clients are people looking to become pregnant or are already pregnant. This means I can support them with lifestyle and nutrition changes to help pregnancy or fertility.



Helping you heal from disordered eating is specialist work, so there's not just one thing I ''do'' to help you. Over the years I have developed my repertoire of training and experience to help you best. 


Some of the frameworks I draw from include:


  • Intuitive Eating

  • Health At Every Size (HAES)

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

  • CBT for Eating Disorders

  • Embodiment practices & embodiment in the treatment of poor body image & disordered eating

  • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT)

  • Mindful eating

  • Person-centred counselling

  • Attachement theory

  • Trauma-informed care

Frameworks I draw from

Ease Nutrition Therapy support

1:1 personalised Nutrition Counselling appointments

24/7 support outside of appointments via chat or Recovery Record

Build you build your own embodied, personal relationship to food & your body

Expert disordered eating Nutrition Counselling

Shannon is right for you if...

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  • You are looking for a Nutrition Counsellor -- this means Shannon guides you, but never tells you what to do or makes absolutes.

  • You are struggling with disordered eating.

  • You are struggling with binge eating or overeating.

  • You are stuck in a purging cycle, by vomiting, using laxatives or diuretics, or exercising to make up for food.

  • You have food fears, trigger foods, or buzz foods that you would like to overcome.

  • Would like to work with a weight-inclusive, Non-Diet nutritionist.

  • You had a medical condition like PCOS, IBS, or high cholesterol and would like to manage this with a gentle, life-lasting approach.


How long do you typically work with people for?

It completely depends. If you want to work with me, I do ask for 3-months commitment. This is because 3-months is truly the mini, tie frame I've worked with people who have benefited from support. Any shorter and the ball really doesn't get rolling. My 3-month support options I offer are a starting point. Most people I work with 6-12 months.

When would sessions be?

I offer appointments on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I don't offer morning appointments unless we come to an arrangement. My clinic hours are usually 1pm to 8pm. I offer appointments at different times per week or at the same time, depending on what works best for you.


Do you work weekends?

I don't work on weekends. A value I hold very close is to take time off and enjoy the weekend! I do offer evening appointments, so we can meet after work hours.​

How much does it cost to work with you?

The ''best'' way to work with me is 1:1 Nutrition Counselling. This is most often where the magic happens. I do host webinars and masterclasses, events, and 1 off workshops. I am developing more resources for people who cannot afford 1-1 support. You can follow me on Instagram to keep up to date with my new offerings.

I don't think seeing someone over the computer is going to be effective!?

Online support is becoming far more common than in person. There's no travelling to appointments, you can have sessions before or after work, or on your lunch break. Plus the fee for sessions is lower - renting a clinic space really pushes fees up!

Do you offer any reduced rates?

I totally get that not everyone has the budget for 1-1 support. But my prices are not random. They have been set based on my expertise. So I don't offer reduced rates for 1-1 support. I do have lower cost ways of working with me, such as webinars, mini-courses, and workshops.

If you are looking for someone with similar experience, training, and success stories to me, pricing is very similar across the board/much more expensive.


What if I have a medical condition?

All conditions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. I am experienced in supporting PCOS, endometriosis, IBS, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, GERD, and many other conditions. Unless there's a need for daily medical monitoring, it will likely be totally ok if you have any medical conditions.

What if I don't want to work with you for 3-months?

I know that 3-months might sound like a long time. But you've likely been struggling for a whole to longer. It takes time to heal your relationship to food. No-one has a magic wand, sadly. If you want to heal, it's going to take time. 3-onths is really a minimum - it's only 6-12 appointments!

Are you a qualified nutritionist?

I hear you; there are so many people with 3 day courses claiming to be experts. I'm so glad you asked. Yes, I have a Masters degree in Nutrition, a certificate in counselling (hence why I'm a Nutrition Counsellor), eating disorder and body image training, and a huge list other other trainings. All of my credentials are here.

What would we do in appointments?

Just like counselling or therapy, appointments run fluidly. We spend the first 1-2 appointments to get to know you - this is where I complete my assessment. This means you're helping me build a picture of you, so I can really understand and help you. Often people want one appointment to be a cure all from 1 50 minute appointments - but unfortunately it doesn't work like that. We spend the session talking, exploring your relationship to food, movement, and your body, completing practical things like activities. Appointments are a place to speak about anything and everything, but also a plan to take action and ''do.''