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Disordered eating recovery: success stories

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- Kate

"My relationship with food has improved in ways I never imagined possible.


I have gone from obsessing over calories and forbidding myself to eat certain foods to stopping tracking the foods I eat and eating the widest range of foods I have consumed in years.


I am able to eat without guilt the majority of the time, and Shannon has given me the tools to continue working on negative thoughts as and when they arise which help me on a daily basis." 

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- Jodie

"I was addicted to food before working with Shannon. I went from binging every single day for years to eating regular meals and not binging.


I have been binge free for 2 full months! Crucially, this "binge free" time has meant I'm actually feeding and fuelling my body, but also enjoying all the foods I've avoided since I was a teenager.


I rate Shannon 10/10 and essential for anyone who feels alone and out of control with how they feel about food."

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- Emma

"Working with Shannon has been life changing.


Initially my concerns were mostly binge-eating and obsessing over certain foods, wanting to learn to eat intuitively, shake my guilt around when to eat/how much to eat etc and understand more about food/eating in general.


Throughout our sessions however I learnt a lot more, as I boxed one thing off another issue may come up, we debunked a lot of “health food” and supplement myths, which I found really really helpful"

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- Courtney

"I have been on EVERY diet - quitting chocolate, carbs, sugar, alcohol, wheat, gluten, dairy, even fruit and anything non-organic.


Every single time I dieted, I would regain the lost weight within a couple of months. I worked with Shannon for a relatively short time, but I gained so much more acceptance of my body, understanding how to eat to full my body, and stopping diet thoughts for good.


I finally feel free and I will never diet again!"

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"Shannon helped me with my old anorexia thoughts, and with nutrition in preparation for pregnancy. I could have fallen into my pre-pregnancy diet being from an eating disorder place.


Shannon helped me to accept and nourish my body, and help me actually come off the restrict/binge cycle for good. I feel so much more equipped.


Shannon is brilliant, recommend to anyone who is in a weird place with food."

- Liang

* If you're curious, Liang was able to become pregnant & has a 1 year old as of 2021. She's also in a great place with food & her body

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- Jack

"Shannon has really helped me to get to a place which I did not think was possible.


I have been able to identify and eradicate many of my restrictive behaviours, some of which were on a deep, subconscious level.


This has meant that I feel in control around food again for the first time in years.


I'm no longer taking laxatives because I need to feel better after eating. I now eat to satisfaction and feel really healthy!"

More words from clients

"Essential for anyone who feels addicted to food. She has changed my life, in so many ways I didn't think anyone could."

"Shannon and I worked together for around 10 months, which included body image help, helping me stop over-exercising, and learning about hunger and fullness.


We worked on challenging foods I thought were bad, which I now enjoy whenever I want to without overeating them. I am in a completely different place with food than I was - nothing is off limits and there is no fear.


I am enjoying making and eating food once again. My body feels nourished and I have knowledge about the different foods on my plate. I am armed with the tools to challenge weight stigma by my health provider. I feel so much happier and healthier for it."

"She really helped me with how I feel about myself, my body image was really terrible for years and years. I also have polycystic ovary syndrome and she helped me manage it without all the awful dieting stuff you see online. 5/5 thank you so much!"

Working with young people

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Meet Emma

Emma's parents got in touch with me to help her with her relationship to food. She was 17 and really struggling with vomitting after eating.

We worked together to help her stop vomitting, and start eating again without fear of weight gain.

It's really important that when I'm working with a young person, I'm in touch with their parents or guardians. So I have regular check-ins with my clients parents - which includes coaching for them on how to help their child

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