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Welcome to the wall of honours!

People who I've supported and they want to tell you all about it; you're in for a right treat...

I'm really proud to have helped so many people improve their relationship to food and their body. Below are just some of the people I've helped - I'm constantly updating this page so one day you might find your words here!

If any words from others resonate with you, reach out here.

No more food addiction & binge eating

"I was addicted to food  before working with Shannon. I went from binging every single day for years to eating regular meals and not binging. I have been binge free for 2 full months! Crucially, this "binge free" time has meant I'm actually feeding and fuelling my body, but also enjoying all the foods I've avoided since I was a teenager. I rate Shannon 10/10 and essential for anyone who feels alone and out of control with how they feel about food."

She really helped me with how I feel about myself, my body image was really terrible for years and years. I also have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and she helped me manage it without all the awful dieting stuff you see online. 5/5 thank you so much!"

"I am free of my 15+ years of eating problems. I have a history of bulimia and felt like I needed to lose weight to get pregnant. Shannon helped me to accept and nourish my body, and help me finally come off the restrict/binge/purge cycle once and for all. I'm not pregnant yet but I feel so much more equipped with nutrition information and coping with my emotions and stress. Brilliant, recommend to anyone who is in a weird place with food." 

PCOS management without dieting
Eating disorder history, trying to get pregnant: Help!
Better with food!

"Before I started working with Shannon, I had many concerns about food, binge/comfort eating, body image and so on. I felt lost and stuck and like I was doomed to repeat a cycle of disordered eating behaviours forever. Shannon and I have worked on a lot of intuitive eating principles and I have been given so many tools that help me on a daily basis. I don't recognise the person I was or the mindset I had six months ago, in the best way possible. I would definitely recommend working with Shannon to anyone I know."

Eating disorder history, trying to get pregnant: Help!

"Working with Shannon has honestly been life changing. Initially my concerns were mostly binge-eating and obsessing over certain foods, wanting to learn to eat intuitively, shake my guilt around when to eat/how much to eat etc and understand more about food/eating in general. Throughout our sessions however I learnt a lot more, as I boxed one thing off another issue may come up, we debunked a lot of “health food” and supplement myths (which I found really really helpful!), Shannon helped me out with lots of meal ideas and weekly meal plans - something I had always avoided since my dieting days but it turns out when done properly it’s actually vital for me and my busy schedule! she helped me to understand that I wasn’t eating enough or as often as I probably should be - this was ground-breaking as I’d always thought it was the opposite."

"Shannon has made the world of difference to my life and I’m SO glad I took that leap. Initially I thought it would just be a few sessions, but as time went on we began to really get into the nitty gritty and there was a lot more to unpack and learn than I’d originally thought. I have already recommended Shannon to some friends and would absolutely do so again. I’m eternally grateful for what she has done for me! Thank you."

Goodbye food guilt, hello food freedom!

"My relationship with food and my body has improved in ways that I never would have imagined possible. I have gone from obsessing over calories and forbidding myself to eat certain foods to stopping tracking the foods I eat and eating the widest range of foods I have consumed in years. I am able to eat without guilt the majority of the time, and Shannon has given me the tools to continue working on negative thoughts as and when they arise which help me on a daily basis." 

"She made me feel more assured than anyone else I've ever spoken to about my PCOS. I wish I had met her years ago! I have been on so many diets to try to manage my PCOS symptoms - I have insulin resistance, very low energy, and have hated my body since I was 17. I'm now 39 and finally understand PCOS and how to manage it. I received so much benefit from working with Shannon - I would recommend her to any friend who needs a supportive specialist in PCOS."

"I love meeting up with Shannon every couple of weeks. I feel like just speaking about what's going on in my life is already so helpful. Add on that we are actually working on ways to make my periods less awful by adding in certain foods, developing healthy habits, and focusing on lifestyle changes... I feel so lucky to have her helping me through this difficult experience."

All I was told was: "You have PCOS, lose weight and come back when you want to get pregnant."
Nutrition for painful periods