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Private support for your relationship to food is here

You're right where you need to be if:

  • You're struggling with food and your body

You wish you could shut off the never-ending thoughts


  • You want to eat normally

But that is so far out of reach right now - you need help to know when, what, and how much to eat


  • You want to nourish your body and feel good

But you're also kind of stuck in your current behaviours and mindset


Sound familiar?

"I wish I could just eat healthy"

“I’m fed up of hopping on and off diets that don't work"

"I just keep eating when I'm stressed out, lonely, or upset"

"I eat really healthy for a few days, then I just seem to fall off the wagon"

"I can't remember a time I've felt comfortable in my body"

"I have an eating disorder, think I have one, or struggle with disordered eating"

"I use laxatives, make myself sick, jump on a new health plan, or exercise to make up for eating"

"I feel out of control + sometimes feel like I'll never stop eating"

We haven't hacked your brain
We've simply supported so many like you

Are you ready for your new life?

| Be present with your loved ones
| Be focused at work |
| Engage in hobbies |


| Feel comfortable in your skin |
| Reclaim you |
| Live your authentic life |

| Re-learn how to eat |
| Take care of your mind |

Why we're right to help you:

Expertly and uniquely qualified

Best of both worlds: talk to process and take action

1000s of hours helping people like you

"This has changed my life. My mindset with food is so much better. I reached out to Shannon because I wanted a more rounded experience than I had for my eating troubles in the past. I felt so supported and in good care. Shannon is patient, gentle, but also pushes you when needed too. I really liked how I could text or voice note during the week, I've never had that before and it was amazing. I just can't believe how much further I am in my recovery after only a few months."

- Emily N.

How is works with an online eating disorder & disordered eating clinic:


Enquire to work with us via a short application form

Shannon will get back to you with times to meet for a clarity call. This call is a free, short chat about support.


She will give a recommendation for support and which of our clinicians might be the best fit for you.


You are onboarded for support, via email. This includes setting up payment, filling in two short forms, and scheduling your appointments with your clinician.


You will have your first appointment! The first appointment is about getting to know you, your history, your intentions for support, and kick-starting support.

It's normal to feel nervous or apprehensive  - our clinicians take things at your pace.


You will have regular appointments with your clinician.

The frequency of appointments depends on your needs. We recommend a minimum of 3-months of support - whether that be 2-4 appointments per month.


We don't offer monthly appointments for new clients, as from experience this is far too long between and is not effective.

You will work together until support is reduced or ended. You are always welcome to return to support whenever you need.

Private support: details

What's included in support?

  • 50-minute nutrition counselling appointments, via Zoom

  • Outside appointment support on email + Voxer

  • Access to our upcoming course The Fundamentals of Food Freedom and any other resources we produce in your time with us

  • A monthly drop in support session hosted by Shannon or one of the team

Pricing (per appointment):

  • £110 with Shannon

  • £95 with Tiluka or Kacie

For our eating disorder clients, we recommend weekly support.

For everyone else, we recommend 2-4 appointments per month depending on your needs.

*We can discuss support details for your perfect fit. After your initial appointment, there is a 3-month commitment.



If you're ready to get started, then let's do it.

You can book directly into Shannon's diary for an initial 50-minute appointment.

This is perfect for you if want to dive straight in.


Perhaps you want to chat with Shannon before booking your first appointment.

This is perfect if you have questions about support before getting started. We would also recommend this if you want to work with Tiluka or Kacie.

We are here to support you:



Shannon is our founder and lead nutrition counsellor.

Specialist interests: binge eating, emotional eating, compensatory behaviours, restrictive eating, hypothalamic amenorrhea

Current availability:

  • Scope for 2 new weekly clients



Tiluka is our specialist eating disorders dietitian

Specialist interests: binge eating and emotional eating

Current availability:

  • Fridays



Kacie is our disordered eating specialist nutritionist.

Specialist interests: sports nutrition, Intuitive Eating


Current availability:

  • Various times Mon to Fri

We have three wonderful clinicians to support you. All of our clinicians are trained to support you with you unique needs. Of course, you have the choice of who you would like to work 1-1 with. Our clinicians are involved in the private community, podcast, and creating resources.

We need to talk:

You're struggling with your relationship to food, we're here to help you.

Our mission is to help people like you because I know how all-consuming a difficult relationship to food and your body is.

We know what it's like to feel completely stuck and feel like there's no way out. We also totally get that a lot of the time, you don't want a way out.


It's like there's two sides; one side is desperate to feel better with food and your body, and the other side is so not ready to let go. We completely get how resistant you might feel.

We also know what it's like to have no clue to feel better. You know you want to feel more relaxed around food, less guilt, less shame, and be able to fuel your body. But you just have no clue how to.

We want to support you from wherever you are in your relationship to food right now, all the way to full recover - however long that might take.

We combine nutrition counselling, body image healing, Intuitive Eating, and disordered eating specialist training.

What breaks our heart the most when it comes to doing this work?


Seeing people who are so deserving and in need of support, but they aren't offered treatment because they don't meet unfair criteria's. If that's you, we invite you to get in touch with us to speak about how we might be able to support you.

You have exactly what you need to recover. You just need expert, guided support.



Private regular calls with your clinician - focus on exactly what you need that day. With practical advice and education, with a compassionate, counselling approach

A eating disorders/disordered eating expert in your pocket - your clinician is available by voice note or text during working hours

Access to monthly group calls - have you questions answered and feel the benefit of community

Application form for private support:

How did you hear about us?


Our emails are open if you have any questions.

Please email Shannon on shannon @

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