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Are you ready to transform your relationship to food?

Expert eating disorders and disordered eating support


You're right where you need to be

What's not where it needs to be? Your relationship to food.


Let's change that. Together.

You've been struggling for a while. You've tried everything you can. 

You want to be better immediately, but you're also worried what will happen if you do heal your relationship to food.


What will you have to cope?

Will your body change?

Will trying to change even work?

Who is right to help you?

There's uncertainty. But what I know is:

You want to not feel consumed with food anymore.

You've tried things on your own, and they never stick. You feel like you just have no willpower, no tenacity.


Here's the secret: You do have the ability to heal your relationship to food.

I know this because everything you believe now about food and your body, everything you do to control food and your body; these were all learned.

So you can unlearn them.

Sound like something you need?

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If you think "yes, that's me!" we want to hear from you.
You deserve 1:1 Nutrition Counselling support.

"I wish I could just eat healthy"

"I'm addicted to sugar/carbs/"unhealthy foods"

“I’m fed up of hopping on and off diets that don't work"

"I just wish I could be the size I was before I ever started dieting"


"I really want to lose weight but nothing works"

"I just keep eating when I'm stressed out, lonely, or upset"

"I eat really healthy for a few days, then I just seem to fall off the wagon"

"I need to manage my health conditions, I've been told to lose weight.... But I've been trying to lose weight for years"


"I'm scared, fed up, and stressed out"

"I have a list of foods I've been told to avoid, but I've no clue if I actually need to"

"I can't remember a time I've felt comfortable in my body"

"I use laxatives, make myself sick, or exercise to make up for eating"

"I feel out of control + sometimes feel like I'll never stop eating"


Ease Nutrition Therapy is a specialist disordered eating clinic. Most of our clients are looking for support with their relationship to food.

We help you take the steps to move towards recovery. We will work to understand your needs and help you on your journey. This includes learning your individual story to understand and support you.. Whether that is an individual cooking session, meal planning, talking about the roots of your disordered eating, processing, or helping you navigate through daily life while nourishing yourself. Recovery is possible and you deserve it. 


Get the support you need for your disordered eating

We've supported 100s of people with 1:1 Nutrition Counselling. This is the most effective + personalised way to heal your relationship to food with us. We know not everyone is ready for and/or wants 1:1 support. That's why we offer eBooks, masterclasses, and a library of on-demand free resources too.

eBooks + masterclasses

We have eBooks, workshops, and masterclasses waiting for you.

Curated for all stages of disordered eating recovery + for all needs. Check out our library for DIY support.

Coming November

1:1 Nutrition Counselling

Join 100s of people who have healed their relationship to food.

With our signature blend of nutrition counselling + practical support.

Free on-demand resources

Get your hands on a free 50-minute masterclass designed to help you stop binge eating.

Learn about the 3 reasons why you're still binge eating + how to overcome them.

If 1:1 support is not right for you right now...

As we've mentioned, 1:1 support is always our 1st recommendation. But, we realise 1:1 support is not always accessible. Which is why we've created other ways to gain support. These resources are not tailored to you, and cannot substitute 1:1 support from a Nutrition Counsellor. Our most popular options are our eBooks + reordered masterclasses and courses. 

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We have expertly written eBooks to take action now

We have a library of eBooks on a range of different topics. Currently on offer are:

- Understanding Your Binge Eating

These are coming soon

We also have a library of on-demand masterclasses + courses

Shannon loves hosting events.

Find all recorded masterclasses + courses. Including:

- Masterclass: 10 Steps in Disordered Eating Recovery

Take me to the library, pronto (available soon)
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Finally, we have free on-demand resources

Shannon loves hosting events.

Find all recorded webinars, masterclasses, and workshops. Including:

- 3 Reasons You're Still Binging + How to Overcome Them

Not sure what type of support is right for you?

Get in touch with Shannon by email. We can chat via email or have a quick phone call.