Are you ready to feel good with food?

I am here to help you heal your relationship to food.

I know what it's like to feel out of control with food, confused about what to eat, and feel guilt when you break a "rule."

With one to one support I can help you make life long changes with your relationship to food.

I use an expert mix of Intuitive Eating coaching, Nutrition Counselling,  person-centred compassionate care, plus I have a Masters in Nutrition. I have a ton of additional training too, which you can read about here. 

"I wish I could just eat healthy."

"I'm addicted to sugar/carbs/"unhealthy foods."

“I’m fed up of hopping on and off diets that don't work."

"I just wish I could be the size I was before I ever started dieting."


"I really want to lose weight but nothing works."

"I just keep eating when I'm stressed out, lonely, or upset."

"I eat really healthy for a few days, then I just seem to fall off the wagon."

"I need to manage my health conditions, I've been told to lose weight.... But I've been trying to lose weight for years."


"I'm scared, fed up, and stressed out."

"I have a list of foods I've been told to avoid, but I've no clue if I actually need to."

"I can't remember a time I've felt comfortable in my body."

Sound familiar?

What can I do to help you?

Packages & prices

binge eating nutritionist


Stop binge eating

Less food guilt
Practical advice

Stop feeling addicted
to food

Life long food

Learn to accept your

Qualified, professional

Understand your emotions
and emotional eating

Compassion and

How support works


Free discovery call

A discovery call is your chance to hear from me, my approach, and how I can help you. 


 Fees and availability are outlined too.

It is completely free, and there is no obligation to sign up.

The fastest way to book a call is here.

Step 02

First appointment

This usually happens 1-3 weeks after the discovery call, depending on availability.

This appointment runs more structured than others; it's the "assessment" where we are getting to know each other, and I'm hearing about your challenges, history, and what you want from support.

Step 03

50-minute appointments throughout 

All appointments run "fluidly" which means they are completely personalised, and give you what you need on that day.

 This may include discussions, reflections, body scans, reviewing your goals & desires, visualisations, food challenges, and planning meals.

Appointments are weekly, bimonthly, or monthly depending on needs.

Step 04

Between session contact & support

You will have access to your own personalised dashboard that contains written-up appointment summaries, recommendations, worksheets, reading/eBooks, and this is kept forever for you to view.

I offer in-between appointment support, and daily check-ins for those who need it. This ensures not only accountability, but allows a trusting relationship.

Step 01

Support me me is not a one-size fits all / cookie cutter approach. I really work with people to heal their relationship to food, which just isn't a quick fix.

This is why I offer support packages, because I know from the many people I've helped that you need at the minimum 4 months to really feel a difference.

If you're ready to invest in yourself, I'm ready to support you.

3 support packages

I offer 3 packages, which are outlined below. All fees are outlined in during the discovery call.


Perfect for those who are confused, fed up with diets, and need a "Non-Diet reset"

4 Months

  • 12 x 50-minute appointments

  • Between session email support (during working hours)

  • Daily support on Recovery Record (if needed)

  • Written follow-ups, recommendations, worksheets, reading


For those who have an eating disorder/disordered eating history & want long-term support. Most popular option🌟

8 Months

  • 20 x 50-minute appointments

  • Between session email support (during working hours)

  • Daily support on Recovery Record (if needed)

  • Written follow-ups, recommendations, worksheets, reading

binge eating nutritionist

Less frequent (appointments every 2 weeks) but for a longer length of time. Works out cheaper too.

12 Months

  • 24 x 50-minute appointments

  • Between session email support (during working hours)

  • Daily support on Recovery Record (if needed)

  • Written follow-ups, recommendations, worksheets, reading

Pay per session and bespoke options are available. 

I can offer discounted rates for anyone who needs them. 

Articles and Resources - take a browse

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What people say

"My relationship with food and my body has improved in ways that I never would have imagined possible. I have gone from obsessing over calories and forbidding myself to eat certain foods to stopping tracking the foods I eat and eating the widest range of foods I have consumed in years. I am able to eat without guilt the majority of the time, and Shannon has given me the tools to continue working on negative thoughts as and when they arise which help me on a daily basis." 

— 8 Months Support


📆 How long do you typically work with people for?

It completely depends. I offer 4, 8, and 12 month programmes which all have different levels of support. On average, I work with most people for 6-9 months.

📅 When would sessions be?

I offer appointments Tuesday and Wednesday 15:00-19:00, Thursday 08:00-10:00, and Saturday 08:00-11:00. So a range of morning, afternoon, and evening appointments. This usually suits most people, but I can be flexible depending on what you need. Appointments do not need to be the same time every session, I use a self-booking system so you can book depending on your availability.

✨ Do you work weekends?

Saturdays only.

💰 How much does it cost to work with you?

I have varying pricing options that suit most people's budgets. Plus I offer limited spots for students, those on low income, and those in marginalised groups. All fees are outlined in the FREE discovery call.

💻 I don't think seeing someone over the computer is going to be effective!?

Online support is becoming far more common than in person. There's no travelling to appointments, you can have sessions before or after work, or on your lunch break. Plus the fee for sessions is lower - renting a clinic space really pushes fees up!

💊 What if I have a medical condition?

All conditions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. I am experienced in supporting PCOS, endometriosis, IBS, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, GERD.

🥞 Are you a qualified nutritionist? There are so many people with 3 day courses claiming to be experts

I'm so glad you ask! Yes, I have a Masters degree in Nutrition plus a ton of extra training. All of my credentials are here