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Updated: Nov 11, 2022

1. You're fighting with food and your body. You would hate to be in the same place 5 years from now.

Fighting with food and your body is not serving you. You want to live a full life.

That doesn't include counting almonds, binging at night, and/or taking laxatives to stop weight gain.

We know how it feels to feel out of control with food.

We aren't just eating disorder clinicians - we're people who have been in a difficult place with food ourselves. Which is why we are so passionate about helping you too.

You owe yourself recovery. You deserve freedom with food. You can't wait longer to work on your relationship to food.

2. You would love to trust yourself around all foods

You want all foods to be no big deal. You want to be able to eat cookies, crisps, cakes, and candy. And you also want to eat fruit, vegetables, beans, lentils, seeds, healthy fats.

As nutrition professionals, we can help you strike a balance.

While also healing your relationship to food.

As Shannon says in episode 10 of The Ease With Food Podcast... You can't have a healthy diet without a healthy relationship to food.

3. You're sick of second guessing and over-thinking eating

Eating is as much of a need as breathing, sleeping, and drinking water. But, diet culture, traumatic experiences, and so much more can cause food to become a big deal.

Let us help you gain control with food, and help you become the boss of food again. We've helped 100s of people do it - check out what past clients say here...

4. You feel powerless, and you don't want to go on a new diet again

A new diet or healthy eating plan is not going to give you more control.

What will? Expert disordered eating nutrition counselling will. Read more about nutrition counsellor right here.

5. You're ready to work on letting go of disordered eating behaviours and mindset.

Perhaps you are struggling with restricting, binge eating, or purging. You want to overcome the thoughts and beliefs that make these behaviours happen.

You're finally ready to take control of your life and move forward.

At Ease Nutrition Therapy, we offer the best of both worlds. All of our clinicians are qualified nutrition professionals with Masters degrees.

We are also trained in therapy and counselling to best help support you in eating disorder recovery.

6. You want to be able to eat in a way that feels truly aligned.

You want to stop relying on apps, websites, and diet plans. It's important that you feel at one with food and your body.

You're done with diet plans, right? You are ready to break free from eating by someone else's rules about how you should eat. You're finally ready to heal your relationship to food.

No more diets, no more restriction that leads to you feeling out of control about food.

7. You want a space to speak and process your relationship to food, but you want to take action too.

Ease Nutrition Therapy helps you heal your relationship to food. Unlike therapy or nutrition support on it's own, we do things differently. We give you the space to process your disordered eating. And take action.

Not only that; we're also able to help with the nourishment part of your recovery too. Pretty great, huh?

We know! Ease Nutrition Therapy is a one stop shop for your disordered eating recovery.

Let's chat about how we can support you.


Team Ease Nutrition Therapy x


We are a specialist eating disorders and disordered eating online clinic. We support people with troubled relationships to food with expert Nutrition Counselling.

Founded by Shannon Western in 2019. The team has grown to welcome wonderful Dietitians and Nutritionists all to help you feel better with food.

Are you:

  • Struggling with feeling overwhelmed or out of control with eating?

  • Unsure about when, why, and how much to eat?

  • Ready to take the steps (however small!) away from your eating disorder, disordered eating, or long dieting history?

We are here to help you do just this (and more). All with compassionate, practical, supportive person-centred Nutrition Counselling.

Our blog library, podcast, and freebies mean you can even take action right now!


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