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Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Halloween is almost here - you might be heading out to Halloween parties this weekend. You might not be going to any parties, but you might have bought treats from the supermarket. We know that food can be pretty tricky when there's more of it or when it takes centre stage. We always share tips to cope with food at Halloween.

This year, our five tips are:

1. Try not to compensate.

By compensating, I mean making up for food - self-indued vomiting, laxatives, overexercise, or restricting. But if you DO compensate (because let's be real, you might) try to give yourself a break. Not a holiday break (but wouldn't that be nice!?) but a self-compassion break.

As in: "I know that I purged, but things have been pretty wild with food" or "I recognise this happened - but I was taking care of myself how I knew how"

2. Food FOMO is real.

FOMO is "fear of missing out." Remind yourself that it's normal to feel a bit wild around foods that are *literally* all up in your face.

3. Our go-to tip, as always. Eat regularly before being around treats.

Regular eating is your foundation: without this, everything might crumble. We have a blog here all about the RAVES framework. If we've worked together 1-1, you probably know about this. RAVES is really great at explaining *how* to eat for recovery.

4. We know Instagram is filled with "eat the Halloween sweets" - but hey, you don't need to eat them. You can choose to eat them or not. Maybe things are feeling too hard right now, maybe you're worried you will binge on them, or they're too scary right now. Whatever reason, do what feels right to you. 5. Halloween doesn't need to involve food.

You can spend time with friends, dress up your pets, watch Halloween films, or do some spooky activities.

Shannon spoke more about Halloween treats on The Ease With Food Podcast. Listen to this episode here:

Have a happy Halloween.

Team Ease Nutrition Therapy x


We are a specialist eating disorders and disordered eating online clinic. We support people with troubled relationships to food with expert Nutrition Counselling.

Founded by Shannon Western in 2019. The team has grown to welcome wonderful Dietitians and Nutritionists all to help you feel better with food.

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