How to Stop Binge Eating At Night

Hey there 👋🏼 I see you. 

You have tried everything to stop binging at night: you've ate a healthy breakfast and lunch, you've tried to distract yourself, and you've avoided the chocolate and crisps aisle in the supermarket.


But you just can't shake this urge to binge at night.

While this is going on, you still have a busy life you need to attend to. Maybe you are taking care of a family or a home, you have such a busy job, or maybe you're dealing with other big things.

With all this going on, you really need to kick binge eating (especially at night when it's the worse!!) to the curb.


Enter my How to Stop Binge Eating At Night masterclass.

It's time to change what night time is like for you.

I'm in,sign me up

My friend, you're not alone


My name is Vicky Shilling and I'm the Wellness Business Mentor, helping health practitioners turn their expertise into income. 

And yet... I have a confession to make: I've totally and utterly neglected growing my email list for the last year. 

Just like yours, it's been languishing at the same number for waaaaay too long. I'm constantly distracted with other things, but knowing in the back of my mind always that it's the sure fire thing that will get me more consistent sales 🔥

So I've created this challenge for you and me to refocus our attention and build that email list building muscle, with tiny steps every day for 21 days. 

Shannon Western eating disorders_edited.jpg

Join me for:


💌 21 days of habits and prompts to grow your wellness business mailing list 
💌 Simple, easy to action tasks shared with you daily basis that you can fit into just a few minutes 
💌 No nonsense advice and mindset reframes + shifts that you need to embrace list building as part of your biz

What's covered?

Who we want on your list, how to get them to sign up and what practical set-up needs to be ready for growth: we can't do the rest without this in place. 

Don't leave your followers on Mark Zuckerberg's platforms. Implement these easy habits to get your dream clients away from endless scrolling and clicking and buying from your list instead. 

Away from social media there's loads we can do to grow our mailing list. We'll break it down and do one thing each day to make sure our list growth is front and centre. 

I'll share a deep-dive masterclass on any topic you want in terms of mailing list growth for your wellness business. 

When's it happening? 
Monday 11th - Sunday 31st July 2022. 

All training is pre-recorded so you can watch or listen in your own time each day, and stay in touch with the group for added accountability in our private community (not another Facebook group!).  

Got questions? Check out the FAQs below, or email and we'll get straight back to you.

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