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Your private practice doesn't need to be complicated

Build the business you dream of

1:1 business mentoring

Become the business owner + clinician you dream of being.

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Webinars + workshops

Non-Diet, expertly created events run by Shannon.

Build Your Business School

An expertly curated series designed for new business owners.


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Facebook community

A place to network, learn, and be with others who are building their private practice. 

On-demand trainings:
webinars + workshops

Shannon loves hosting events.

Find all recorded webinars, masterclasses, and workshops. Including:

- Introduction to Nutrition Counselling

- The Essentials of Working With Disordered Eating (coming in Nov)

- The Foundations of the Non-Diet Approach and Intuitive Eating (coming in Dec)

- Supporting Folks With Digestive Concerns (coming in Jan)

- Working With Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (coming in Feb) 

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1:1 business mentoring with Ease Your Practice

I know how it feels to have no clue about starting your business

You want all the clients you can, but you don't even know where to find them

I love helping professionals build their business. I am anti-hustle culture; I want to help you build your private practice with ease.

N.B. this is not clinical mentoring or supervision.

Business support

Build Your Business School

Shannon + Alex Okell host a one-of-a-kind series. Build Your Business is a jam-packed series for new nutrition + wellness business owners.

This is your first step to building a business with impact.

Waitlist is open for Winter School, starting in January.

ease nutrition therapy nutrition counselling for eating disorders_edited.jpg
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