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Eating disorder recovery
Support programme


One weekly appointment with your eating disorder nutritionist or dietitian

One weekly appointment with your eating disorder therapist

Support includes:

  • Liaising with your medical team, requesting bloods + vitals

  • Weekly check-in meetings between your nutritionist/dietitian + your therapist. This ensures your care is top level and we are working together to ensure your treatment

Cost: £2400 for 3-months of support (£800 per month)


Support includes:

  • ​Unlimited support on Voxer Monday to Friday.

  • ​Your own personalised dashboard filled with resources.

We design bespoke support packages based on your needs. Most of our clients opt for weekly support (4 appointments/month) in the beginning then reduce to 2-3 appointments/month as time goes on.


We don't offer one-off appointments or appointments once per month in the beginning of support.

How do I get my recommendation for support?

We have a short complimentary phone call about your needs. On this call, your clinician (usually Shannon takes these calls) will recommend a starter support option. This might be an initial consultation, or getting started with weekly support on a 3-month basis.

Application form for support
How did you hear about us?

Thank you for getting in touch. Shannon will be in touch within 1-working day.

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