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We've created a free distraction guide to help you in eating disorder and disordered eating recovery.

Distractions are one part of eating disorder recovery. They work by distracting you from using eating disorder behaviours, such as restricting, binge eating, or purging.

Will distractions fix my eating disorder?

Distraction techniques on their own are not all you need. Eating disorders are complex conditions that can require nutritional, psychological, and medical support. Distractions are one way to cope with your eating disorder behaviours. This is by minimising the urge to use eating disorder behaviours, quite eating disorder thoughts, and allow you to "ride the wave" of recovery.

Shannon spoke about the "10 worst pieces of advice in disordered eating recovery" on The Ease With Food Podcast. She included using distraction techniques as your only active part of recovery. You can listen to this episode (season 1, episode 10) on Spotify or Apple Podcasts. 

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