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Updated: Nov 11, 2022

As a nutritionist, people are really curious what I eat. They want to know what foods I eat everyday, and all the tricks I've got up my sleeve.

The really boring but true answer is.... I don't eat a certain way.

I don't avoid any foods, and I don't restrict any foods.

This isn't what I've always been like.

I've been just like you.

I felt addicted to food, like there was no way I could ever control myself around chocolate, sweets, crisps, cookies, fried foods.

I was so embarrassed. This is when I was training to become a nutritionist. Can you imagine how mortified I was? I was meant to be the one that was healthy! I couldn't cope with how addicted to "bad" foods I was.

I would think about food every waking minute. At some points, food even filled my dreams!

That's why I'm so passionate about helping people recover from binge eating. I know how frustrating and never-ending the struggle is.

I'm in a really lucky position. I was able to recover from my own troubled relationship to food. And for the last 2+ years, I've been helping other people do the same thing. I've helped over 100 people in my private clinic heal their relationship to food. Wow, that feels so surreal to think about!

I absolutely love guiding people to feel less out of control, and less overwhelmed with food. The people I've worked with were super similar to me; they were:

  • Constantly thinking about food - even when they were eating

  • Struggling to keep up with their family and life demands, because they were so exhausted, stressed, and pre-occupied with food

  • Feeling incredibly uncomfortable in their bodies

  • Experiencing really horrible physical symptoms, like bloating, constipation, brain fog, low energy, poor sleep, irritability, low mood, and constantly feeling full

  • Feeling hopeless, like they would be on this cycle forever

From a chaotic relationship with eating to being calm and content around food without constantly worrying that the next binge is just around the corner.

With all the same expert knowledge but in a much more affordable format and, importantly, at a pace that feels right to you.

Want to know which foods I never eat? There are three foods to avoid, and foods a nutrionist never eats – and you might want to as well!

1. Raw chicken

Getting Salmonella is not on my bucket list. Nor am I a fan of nausea, vomiting and getting admitted to hospital. So this is definitely a food I avoid.

2. Maggots

They may be high in protein, but that wouldn’t matter to me.

3. Dirt

Some people crave dirt and soil. It’s a condition known as Pica. I avoid eating soil and dirt by rinsing my fruit and vegetables – and trying my best not to face plant into the ground. So far, so good.

This is to say that when you binge eat - there are no foods you should avoid long term. In the short-term, it will likely feel better to avoid triggering foods. But, in the long term you need to make peace with ALL foods.

Ready to make peace with all foods, including your binge foods?

Let's work together. Get in touch with me here.


We are a specialist eating disorders and disordered eating online clinic. We support people with troubled relationships to food with expert Nutrition Counselling.

Founded by Shannon Western in 2019. The team has grown to welcome wonderful Dietitians and Nutritionists all to help you feel better with food.

Are you:

  • Struggling with feeling overwhelmed or out of control with eating?

  • Unsure about when, why, and how much to eat?

  • Ready to take the steps (however small!) away from your eating disorder, disordered eating, or long dieting history?

We are here to help you do just this (and more). All with compassionate, practical, supportive person-centred Nutrition Counselling.

Our blog library, podcast, and freebies mean you can even take action right now!


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