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About Ease Nutrition Therapy

Disordered eating experts: Nutrition Counselling to heal your relationship to food

Hey, I'm Shannon

Founder & Lead Nutrition Counsellor at Ease Nutrition Therapy



It's so lovely to meet you...

I love helping people like you feel better with food. Over the last three years, I've helped 100s of people heal their relationship to food.


There's so many people like you I want to support, so I have built a wonderful team to help.

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Why Shannon founded Ease Nutrition Therapy:

Simply put; I know how it feels to live with disordered eating. I've been there too - for many years.

When I qualified as a nutritionist, it felt like my duty to give people like you the support I wish I had.

I then trained in counselling and psychotherapy, and gained lots of additional training in disordered eating to help my future clients best.


Like most people we work with, my road to recovery was long & tough.


I saw many clinicians: therapists, dietitians, nutritionists, coaches. Some didn’t understand the food side of things. And others didn’t understand the emotional + mental health side of things. All the options for support were really disjoined + like they were missing something.


I knew I needed to create support that felt whole. Support that gave the food/nutrition side AND the emotional side. Support that understand that my disordered eating wasn't just me trying to "be healthy" - it was a coping mechanism for things that happened in my life. But, it was ALSO a condition of the world we live in. AKA a world that is image-focused + encourages disordered eating.


As you can see, I've put a lot of years of thought into this!


Throughout my recovery from disordered eating + poor mental health, I wished I had someone who understood how my eating disorder behaviours weaved into all areas of my life. But I also wanted someone who was invested in my physical well-being. I felt like therapy was all about talking, with no action.


I wanted someone to fully support me in moving forward. That’s how my passion for helping others with a tough relationship to food began.


It's what lead to this clinic that is now Ease Nutrition Therapy.

Is this you?

"I'm fed up of living this way - things need to change"

"I'm done with binge eating"

"I wish I could heal from my eating disorder"

"I wish I could stop being scared to gain weight"

"I wish I could just eat normally"

Do you need whole support? A place for processing? AND a place to take action?

You've taken a huge step by reading this. 

We can't wait to meet you... Whenever you're ready.

We need to talk

You're struggling with your relationship to food, we're here to help you.

Our mission is to help people like you because I know how all-consuming a difficult relationship to food and your body is.

We know what it's like to feel completely stuck and feel like there's no way out. We also totally get that a lot of the time, you don't want a way out.


It's like there's two sides; one side is desperate to feel better with food and your body, and the other side is so not ready to let go. We completely get how resistant you might feel.

We also know what it's like to have no clue to feel better. You know you want to feel more relaxed around food, less guilt, less shame, and be able to fuel your body. But you just have no clue how to.

We want to support you from wherever you are in your relationship to food right now, all the way to full recover - however long that might take.

We combine nutrition counselling, body image healing, Intuitive Eating, and disordered eating specialist training.

What breaks our heart the most when it comes to doing this work?


Seeing people who are so deserving and in need of support, but they aren't offered treatment because they don't meet unfair criteria's. If that's you, we invite you to get in touch with us to speak about how we might be able to support you.

You have exactly what you need to recover. You just need expert, guided support.

You've taken a huge step just being here. Having the courage to read about eating disorder and disordered eating support can be really scary, overwhelming, and uncertain. Or maybe it feels exciting, like it's finally time.

You might be hesitant about reaching out - maybe you feel like your relationship to food is "fine!" or that you might wait a while before getting help. I've been there too.

There's no pressure to commit to support just because you reach out to us. We will be here for you whenever you're ready.

Meet the Ease Nutrition Therapy

We help people like you heal from disordered eating

Our focus is helping people relearn how to eat, cope with their emotions, and ultimately live a full life. Our approach combines Nutrition Counselling, Non-Diet Approaches including Intuitive Eating, and disordered eating support.


We offer people the best of both worlds; a place to speak, and a place to "do."

Everyone on the Ease Nutrition Therapy team are:

  • Nutritionist or dietitians, with a degree in nutrition or dietetics​.

  • Specialists in disordered eating and/or eating disorders.

  • Engaging in at least five hours per month of professional development.

  • Able to support additional needs, such as your medical conditions.

  • Specially selected by Shannon + engage in team meetings, training, and supervision.

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Founder + Lead Nutrition Counsellor
Contributor + Nutrition Counsellor
Dietitian + Nutrition Counsellor

Working with online eating disorders and disordered eating nutritionists + dietitians

Quite simply, it works the exact same as in person but you don't need to travel to appointments. 

All of our professionals offer online appointments. We might be able to see you in person, where possible.

As online eating disorders nutritionists and dietitians, we have seen 100s of people over Zoom. You might feel hesitant to have appointments this way; we get that. We hope to make you feel as comfortable as possible. If you're not familiar with Zoom, we can help you as much as possible with the admin and set-up.

How does it work with an online eating disorders or disordered eating Nutritionist or Dietitian?

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Apply to work with us

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Have a complimentary call with Shannon to chat about 1:1 support

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Shannon will give a recommendation for support. Including which clinician sounds right for you

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Have you first appointment with your clinician

Get to know us more

The Ease With Food Podcast is hosted by Shannon.

She chats all things disordered eating + eating disorder recovery, wellness, and everything in between.

You can also keep up with us on Instagram:

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