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Heal your relationship to food with nutrition therapy

We are eating disorder and disordered eating specialists.


Here to counsel you to food freedom.

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You're here because you want to heal your relationship to food: welcome!

I'm so glad you've found us. We help people like you heal their relationship to food. Are you ready to live the life they dream of?​

Ease Nutrition Therapy is a specialist eating disorder and disordered eating clinic based in the UK.


We support people world-wide as a fully virtual clinic.

Founder & lead nutrition counsellor at Ease Nutrition Therapy


Hey, I'm Shannon


Trusting your body to tell you when, what, and how much to eat

Build a healthy, happy relationship to food and your body

Not being consumed with food - so you can live a full life

Is this you?

You want to speak and process. AND you want practical, actionable tips

It's important to have a combination of both - which is what makes Ease Nutrition Therapy unique. Our team are hand-picked by Shannon, a nutritionist and eating disorder recovery coach who is also trained in counselling. She is really passionate about a whole, person-centred experience for your recovery.

You are struggling with an eating disorder or disordered eating

We are a specialist eating disorder recovery clinic. All of our work is from a lens of building healthy relationships to food.​ We are Non-Diet, weight-inclusive, Intuitive Eating aligned, and HAES clinicians.

"This has changed my life. My mindset with food is so much better. I reached out to Shannon because I wanted a more rounded experience than I had for my eating troubles in the past. I felt so supported and in good care. Shannon is patient, gentle, but also pushes you when needed too. I really liked how I could text or voice note during the week, I've never had that before and it was amazing. I just can't believe how much further I am in my recovery after only a few months."

- Emily N.



Don't go at it alone anymore.

We have a team of experts to help.

We know that thinking about support can be overwhelming, doubtful, or scary.

So thank you for showing up here. We offer 1:1 Nutrition Counselling support, host a private support community, and we have on-demand resources if that's more what you're looking for.


Join 100s of people who have healed their relationship to food

With our signature blend of nutrition counselling + practical support


Take a step now with our on-demand resource library

Here you will find guides, free resources, masterclasses, and eBooks

Ease Nutrition Therapy is a specialist disordered eating clinic. We support people like you to a healthy, healthy relationship to food.

We help you take the steps to move towards recovery. We will work to understand your needs and help you on your journey. This includes learning your individual story to understand and support you.. Whether that is an individual cooking session, meal planning, talking about the roots of your disordered eating, processing, or helping you navigate through daily life while nourishing yourself.


A healthy relationship to food is possible - and you deserve it.

You're where you need to be if:

You're struggling with binge eating, purging, or restriction. Including Binge Eating Disorder, Bulimia Nervosa, Anorexia Nervosa, and other eating disorders and disordered eating

You feel stuck where you are with food and your body, and you really need to make changes for good. (Ps. we understand if you feel unsure about letting go of your current behaviours and mindset)

You are done with rules, strict guidelines and frameworks. You want support that is centred around you. You are your own expert - we help you get there

What's not where it needs to be? Your relationship to food


Let's change that. Together.

You've been struggling for a while. You've tried everything you can. 

You want to be better immediately, but you're also worried what will happen if you do heal your relationship to food.


What will you have to cope?

Will your body change?

Will trying to change even work?

Who is right to help you?

There's uncertainty. But what we know is:

You want to not feel consumed with food anymore.

You've tried things on your own, and they never stick. You feel like you just have no willpower, no tenacity.


Here's the secret: You do have the ability to heal your relationship to food.

We know this because everything you believe now about food and your body, everything you do to control food and your body; these were all learned.

So you can unlearn them.

Sound like something you need?

Take a first step now:



Want a disordered eating specialist in your ears?


You're in luck. The Ease With Food Podcast is inspired by working with 100s of people 1-1


Shannon debunks wellness trends, and give you all the wisdom to feel better with food and your body

You don't want to miss out, right?



Our eating for eating disorder recovery guide is a 20-page guide filled with information about nutrition, portioning, plating, and meal/snack ideas

Made for you, by our team of eating disorder experts

We hope this brings you clarity on what meals and snacks look like in eating disorder recovery. Please note, this is not a weight restoration guide



Find all of our freebies, eBooks, guides, and courses:


Here's what you missed:

Ease Nutrition Therapy is a Nutrition Counselling clinic. Shannon Western is our founder & lead nutrition counsellor.


We are based in the UK & we see people online worldwide. 


We specialise in eating disorders & disordered eating support, and Non-Diet support for health conditions.


We combine being a nutritionist with counselling approaches, to make sure my clients have a place to ''do'' and a place to ''be.''


Most of our clients are struggling with binge eating, bulimia, over-exercising, or restricting. We can support with eating disorders and disordered eating recovery. 


Many also have health conditions such as PCOS, IBS, high cholesterol, gut issues, or are trying to become pregnant.


We usually have a 2-3 week waiting list to work with us. Please get in touch using the application form.


Get in touch by email on: shannon @

Eating disorder nutritionist, United Kingdom

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