I help you heal your relationship to food so you can live a full life​.

I help you eat normally again.

Do you want to nourish and fuel your body?

Feel less obsessed with food, eating, calories, and trying to make up for food?

Do you want to feel more in control with food?

That's what I can help with.

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Heal your disordered eating through nutrition therapy

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Meet Shannon

Nutrition Counsellor

Hi, I'm Shannon!


I'm so glad you've found me. I help people like you heal their relationship to food so they can finally live the life they desire. You're here because you're ready to heal your relationship to food, welcome!

I founded Ease Nutrition Therapy because I saw a huge need for compassionate, person-centred care to help people feel better around food.

I am now a disordered eating nutritionist based in the UK, but I help people worldwide via online nutrition counselling.

Are you ready to ​eat normally​?

You are done with dieting, obsessing over food, and feeling out of control

You want to feel more in control & start nourishing your body with food that makes you feel good

I love helping people like you heal they relationship to food and their body.


Do you want me to help you too?

Imagine life without disordered eating...

  • Spending time with friends, not worrying about food

  • Not obsessing over your scales (both bathroom & kitchen

  • Eating with zero guilt - nourishing your body so you're full of energy for what's important to you

  • Having the brain space to think about your future. How much of your time is spent thinking about food right now?

  • Being able to cope with emotions without turning to your disordered eating

  • Nourishing your body with balanced meals and snacks -- without ending up binging or feeling bad

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''Ease Nutrition Therapy is everything I needed to heal my disordered eating" -Miss S.

Is nutrition counselling right for your disordered eating?

  • You've tried everything to be healthy, but something just feels off in your brain​

  • You can't remember when you last felt truly comfortable in your body

  • You have disordered eating, or think you might have one, and really need help

  • You can't stop eating when you're stressed out, lonely, or upset

  • You just wish you could eat normally

  • You can't stop thinking about food, calories, or what you should eat

Overcome your disordered eating with me

I don't believe in one-size-fits-all.

I have no idea how many appointments you might need before meeting you. Which is why all of our support options are starting points/a guide.


I offer 3 types of support:


  • 1:1 Nutrition Counselling

I recommend 3-months as a starting point. Most of my clients see us 1:1 for around 6-12 months.



  • Meal support groups

Meal support groups are coming in September 2022.

  • Truce With Food online course

Coming December 2022.

Join my free masterclass

You've done everything to stop binging

But nothing works long-term. You're done, fed up, you need to change now

I would love if you could join me for a free masterclass to help you stop binge eating

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3 Reasons You're Still Binging and How to Overcome Them

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"I can't believe how much my live has changed working with Shannon"

- Ms C.

Ease Nutrition Therapy: Past clients kind words

Don't just take my word for it...

"My relationship with food and my body has improved in ways that I never would have imagined possible."


"I have gone from obsessing over calories and forbidding myself to eat certain foods to stopping tracking the foods I eat and eating the widest range of foods I have consumed in years."


"I am able to eat without guilt the majority of the time, and Shannon has given me the tools to continue working on negative thoughts as and when they arise which help me on a daily basis."


"I was addicted to food before working with Shannon. I went from binging every single day for years to eating regular meals and not binging." 

"I rate Shannon 10/10 and essential for anyone who feels alone and out of control with how they feel about food."

Let me transform your relationship to food

You know you need support

You might hold off for a while, to see if you'll get better on your own

But you need help right now. Let's have a friendly chat about your next steps

My unique approach to helping you with disordered eating

Eating disorder nutritionist, United Kingdom

Scrolled too fast? Here's what you missed:

Ease Nutrition Therapy is a private Nutrition Counselling clinic. Based in the UK; I see people online worldwide. 


I specialise in eating disorders & disordered eating support, and Non-Diet support for health conditions.


I combine being a nutritionist with counselling, to make sure my clients have a place to ''do'' and a place to ''be.''


Many of my clients are struggling with binge eating, bulimia, over-exercising, or restricting. Many also have health conditions such as PCOS, IBS, high cholesterol, gut issues, or are trying to become pregnant.


I usually have a 2-3 week waiting list to work with me. Please get in touch using the application form below or by email. My email is shannon @ easenutritiontherapy.com.