Feel out of control with food

Have tried everything to change your body

Feel stuck in a never ending cycle

And you want to...

Heal your relationship to food and feel like YOU 

Feel in tune with your body (finally!)

Have a life free from restriction, guilt, and making up for good

Does this sound familiar?

"I wish I could just eat healthy."​

"I'm addicted to sugar/carbs/"unhealthy foods."​​

"I binge on processed foods, even thought they don't make me feel good."

"I just keep eating when I'm stressed out, lonely, or upset."​

"I'm scared, fed up, and stressed out."​

"I can't remember a time I've felt comfortable in my body."

"Something needs to change - I don't know who I am anymore."

"I don't want to live with my eating disorder anymore."

I know you can...

Be able to spend time with others, even when there's food around
Stop being obsessed with your scales (both bathroom & kitchen)
Be able to eat without guilt
Stop feeling so full all the time
Manage digestive discomfort

Have the brain space to think about your future
Be able to cope with emotions without turning to your eating disorder
Be able to nourish your body with balanced meals
Be able to speak up for what you need, and tell others what you need
Feel worthy of support and care
Not feeling like you're worth is based on how you look

How I can help you with...

Binge eating, emotional eating, and feeling out of control with food

You're fed up with feeling ashamed of what you eat. You feel completely alone- no one understands how binge eating impacts you. You just you wish you could stop binging on your own, but nothing ever works.

I can help you:

  • Understand why you're binging

  • Relearn how to eat without every bite turning into a binge

  • Eventually be able to keep past binge foods at home, without constantly thinking about them

  • Help you make peace with your body 

  • Quieten the judgemental voice that says you're a failure 

  • Reduce black and white, all or nothing thinking

Compensatory behaviours like vomiting, over-exercising, and laxative use

You are in a cycle that feels impossible to get out of. You tell yourself each time is the last time, but something always reels you back in to behaviours you know are hurting you.

I can help you:

  • Wean off compensation, replacing it with other techniques

  • Learn your triggers and find distraction & coping techniques that work

  • Re-learn how to take care of yourself, without compensations

  • Bring structure back with food so you can fully nourish your body

  •  Build a less-judgemental inner voice

Food restriction, food and body obsession, and guilt with food and eating

You feel stuck and feel like there's no way out- you might be wondering if this is what your life will be like forever? Your thoughts about food and your body feel like they're suffocating you.


I can help you: 

  • Regulate your eating

  • Understand weight science- how your body regulates it's shape and size- so you can start to rebuild trust

  • Have a support space that is completely judgement and pressure free, so you can speak openly about your relationship to food

  • Reduce restriction by helping you make peace with all foods

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Ease Nutrition Therapy

The virtual disordered eating recovery clinic

I help people recover from a difficult relationship to food. I want to help you feel better around food, and finally have the life you want.

nutritionist eating disorder

Meet Shannon

Eating disorders and disordered eating nutrition counsellor

Hi, I'm Shannon!


I'm so glad you've found me. I help people like you heal their relationship to food so they can finally live the life they desire. You're here because you're ready to heal your relationship to food, welcome!

I founded Ease Nutrition Therapy because I saw a huge need for compassionate, person-centred care to help people feel better around food.

I am now an eating disorder nutritionist & disordered eating nutritionist based in the UK, but I help people worldwide.

You're in the right place if you...

Can't stop thinking about food

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Eating disorders and disordered eating are dynamic - so you don't need to have a specific concern or "problem" to work with me. I want to help you no matter how long you've been struggling, and you're worthy of support even if you don't believe you are.

Friends at the Beach

You are NOT alone

Disordered Eating as a result of dieting is believed to affect 50-75% of women.

30% of ‘normal’ dieters progress to pathological dieting. Of those, 20-25% progress to partial or full-syndrome eating disorders.

How I can help

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As Featured In

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What support looks like

Expert treatment, advice, and care. Collaboration with other healthcare professionals, like your GP or therapist

Weekly, bimonthly, or monthly support (whatever you need is my priority)

Not just recovery from disordered eating. I help you build your OWN embodied, personal relationship to food & your body

Support outside of sessions. Think of me like help in your pocket

We work together, not me telling you what to do. I think this approach is super outdated and pretty unhelpful

Praise for Ease Nutrition Therapy

The virtual disordered eating recovery clinic

"My relationship with food and my body has improved in ways that I never would have imagined possible.


I have gone from obsessing over calories and forbidding myself to eat certain foods to stopping tracking the foods I eat and eating the widest range of foods I have consumed in years.


I am able to eat without guilt the majority of the time, and Shannon has given me the tools to continue working on negative thoughts as and when they arise which help me on a daily basis." 

- A client I supported for 6 months for Orthorexia

"I was addicted to food before working with Shannon. I went from binging every single day for years to eating regular meals and not binging.


I have been binge free for 2 full months! Crucially, this "binge free" time has meant I'm actually feeding and fuelling my body, but also enjoying all the foods I've avoided since I was a teenager.


I rate Shannon 10/10 and essential for anyone who feels alone and out of control with how they feel about food."

- A client I supported for 8 months for binge eating

I have a history of Anorexia Nervosa and I reached out to Shannon because I wanted to have a "top up" from my outpatient support because I was trying to become pregnant.


I wanted to make sure I was as healthy as possible and fuelling my body, but I did not want to see a non-eating disorder specialist was it's such a slippery slope when you've had an eating disorder.


I felt so comfortable with Shannon and she totally understood this."

- A client I supported for fertility nutrition, who had an eating disorder history. We worked together for around 2 months.

Eating disorder nutritionist, United Kingdom

Read more testimonials

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A better relationship to food

awaits you... I offer a free 15-minute call to make sure we're a perfect fit

I can support people worldwide, no matter your diagnosis, or how "severe" you see your relationship to food as